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How to Make Your Morning Brew Healthier to Jumpstart a Productive Day

How to Make Your Morning Brew Healthier to Jumpstart a Productive Day

We know that coffee consumption can lower your risk of heart disease, improve energy levels, lower your risk of diabetes, burn fat and provide essential nutrients, but there are some additions to coffee that can make it less healthy for you. Making your own coffee with quality beans is the best route to take to receive optimal health benefits, since there can be hidden sugars and other artificial ingredients in coffee we buy from chains. To soak up the benefits of coffee consumption and not hinder them with negative additions, follow these steps to brew the ultimate cup of coffee to help you jumpstart a healthy and productive day. US Coffee has all the gourmet coffee your office needs to get through the day.

No Artificial Sweeteners

Anything artificial you put in your body is bad for you, and the artificial sweetener you put in your coffee each morning is no exception. Even worse, if you’re a fan of lattes and other popular coffee drinks like frappuccinos, prepare for sugar overload. If you need to sweeten up your cup of coffee, add a very tiny amount of Stevia.

No Artificial Creamers

The same goes for artificial creamers, which are loaded with ingredients to avoid. For those who like cream in their coffee, look for full-fat organic or grass-fed creamers, which will actually add to the health benefits black coffee can provide. Full-fat cream can be found in any major health store.

Add Cinnamon, Cocoa or Coconut Oil

Adding cinnamon, cocoa or coconut oil gives coffee an extra boost of health! If you have diabetes or are at risk for it, adding cinnamon will help lower glucose levels, not to mention it’s a delicious tasting antioxidant. Adding organic, unsweetened cocoa to your cup of coffee will lower your risk of heart disease and cancer, while coconut oil contains healthy fats needed for a balanced diet.

Buy a Quality Coffee Brand

The quality of coffee differs amongst brands, but the brands that do sell quality coffee will be transparent about their process of growing, cultivating and manufacturing the coffee that you brew at home. Organic beans are your best bet to avoid toxins, but do your research on your favorite coffee brands to find out their cultivation process.

Use a Paper Filter

If you buy whole beans and make coffee at home, it’s best to use a paper filter. The paper filter will help eliminate any harmful chemicals that the beans might contain.

Switch to Decaf by Afternoon

To keep a healthy sleep pattern, limit coffee consumption to the morning. By afternoon, switch to decaf coffee, green tea, or another beverage without caffeine. Since caffeine is a stimulant, it’s much healthier to drink it in the morning to give you an alert feeling at the beginning of your day.

Eat Before Coffee Consumption

Eat breakfast before drinking coffee or a small snack during your morning cup of coffee for the healthiest results. Caffeine can suppress your appetite, so it might disrupt healthy eating patterns. Also, the coffee might lower your energy levels if you don’t eat before drinking it because your body releases insulin in response to the caffeine, which might lower your blood sugar.