Modernize your break room with interactive vending.

VendScreen is an interactive vending retrofit device powered by a cloud-based platform. With VendScreen, you get all the features you need to deliver the best possible break room experience – all from one device. Studies show it engages more customers and provides a superb user experience so they keep returning to your machine.

Join the VendScreen Revolution

Welcome to the future of vending. VendScreen is an interactive device that you can add to your vending machine to instantly attract customers and increase revenue.  It can fit into any standard card reader slot on typical vending machines as well as be surface mounted on machines without it. VendScreen provides your employees with complete product information including nutritional data and dietary restrictions. It accepts the payment method that the customer prefers, from cash to credit to mobile payments. Best of all, VendScreen delivers a sales lift over standard cashless devices. Studies show machine sales revenue grew an average of 52% in under three months.



See VendScreen in action.



More Payment Options

VendScreen accepts credit cards, debit cards, coupon/QR codes, mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet and even issues real-time refunds.

Nutritional Information

VendScreen provides the full nutritional label for products and allows users to filter and find products according to their tastes, diet or food allergies.

Easy-to-Use Interface

VendScreen’s graphical interface mimics smartphone technology to provide users with an exciting and hassle-free vending experience.

Promotions & Engagement

Because advertisers can run their ads on a VendScreen device, customers benefit with price discounts and promotions.

Monitored Inventory

VendScreen provides the machine operator with detailed inventory information so they can better service their locations and keep track of products.

Reduced Downtime & Malfunctions

VendScreen allows users to alert the operator of any malfunctions that occur & sends real-time alerts when machines aren’t working, reducing downtime.

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