Counter Culture Coffee

Since being founded in 1995, Counter Culture Coffee has continuously searched for quality-driven coffee from around the world. Their roasters approach coffee with a dedication to sustainability and a commitment to sourcing handcrafted coffees directly from farmers.

All their coffee is roasted, bagged and shipped on the same day to guarantee ultimate freshness in each and every cup you brew. The Counter Culture commitment to sustainability is found not only at their roasters and training centers but also with their retail partners like US Coffee. Thanks to their third party certified Direct Trade Certification, Counter Culture has been able to establish direct trade standards for sustainability, quality and transparency throughout the coffee chain.

Like all the local roasters we partner with, Counter Culture is dedicated to measurable social, fiscal, and environmental sustainability, not only in their own operations, but throughout the coffee supply chain. They make detailed contracts with each of their partners before their harvest even begins, setting specific goals for quality and sustainability. This planning process gives both Counter Culture and their partners added predictability, the ability to plan financially, and the freedom to experiment.

Counter Culture also offers comprehensive online resources for coffee education, including quick + easy brewing guides, customizable tool for understanding coffee seasonality, and more.

Through the US Coffee Reserve Program, you’re getting locally roasted coffee like Counter Culture that’s roasted, bagged and delivered within 24-48 hours. You don’t get any fresher than that. Be the office hero and treat your office to the finest tasting coffee. We guarantee your employees will notice the difference.

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