City of Saints Coffee

US Coffee is thrilled to announce we’re now offering City of Saints cold brew iced coffee on draft, just in time for the summer. City of Saints coffee is locally roasted with organic, unrefined ingredients to produce the freshest quality of coffee available.

They roast their coffee in Brooklyn, NY, in the diverse area of Bushwick. Their ready-to-use cold brew kegs are the perfect solution for medium-to-large offices that love iced coffee or have minimal fridge space. With our Cold Brew Coffee Program, you can get a 5-gallon Kegerator filled with City of Saints cold brew for an annual fee. The coffee is brewed and stored cold from start to finish, and clean filtered to stay fresher longer. It’s sure to be a hit in offices everywhere.

City of Saints started in Hoboken, New Jersey, where principal partner Matt Wade and vice president of operations, Joe Palozzi, partnered up after noticing a void in the area’s third-wave offerings. At the time, Palozzi worked for a nearby roaster-retailer that supplied Wade’s shop. Together, they saw the benefits of the roaster-retailer model and wanted to use it for City of Saints.

Through the US Coffee Reserve Program, you’re getting locally roasted coffee like City of Saints that’s roasted, bagged and delivered within 24-48 hours. You don’t get any fresher than that. Be the office hero and treat your office to the finest tasting coffee. We guarantee your employees will notice the difference.

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