Nanoseptic Self-Cleaning Surfaces

Create a cleaner, healthier places to live, work and play using NanoSeptic nanotechnology-powered continuously self-cleaning surfaces

NanoSeptic Skins and Mats turn dirty high traffic, public touchpoints into continuously self-cleaning surfaces. Powered by light, NanoSeptic surfaces utilize mineral nano-crystals which create a powerful oxidation reaction. Working 24/7, the surface continually oxidizes organic contaminants. Unlike traditional disinfectants and cleaners, the NanoSeptic surface uses no poisons, heavy metals or chemicals, and nothing is released from the surface since the nano-crystals are molecularly bonded to the material.


Nanoseptic Door Push Pad

Durable and easy to apply and replace, just peel and stick. Perfect for any push door used in bathrooms, locker rooms, cafeterias, or on other high traffic entry/exit doors.

Nanoseptic Door Handle Wraps

Super pliable to wrap around tubular door pull handles. These wraps come in two sizes to fit most uniform door handles. Can also be easily trimmed to fit smaller handles.

Nanoseptic Elevator Button Covers

These clear plastic button covers turn high-traffic public elevator buttons into continuously self-cleaning surfaces. Just peel and stick. Sold in sheets of 25 buttons. Includes NanoSeptic label to inform people that the buttons are self-cleaning.

Nanoseptic Clear Touch Screen Film

From restaurant checkout to hospital and airline kiosks, this NanoSeptic film turns any touchscreen into a continuously self-cleaning surface. Low tack adhesive provides a more secure installation than traditional static cling.

Nanoseptic Light Switch Covers

Self-cleaning light switch covers fit 1/4” traditional light switches. They last 90 days and are easy to install and remove – just pop on and pop off.

Nanoseptic Slip-On Door Handle Sleeves

Self-cleaning sleeves are perfect for ADA door handles. They last 90 days and are easy to install and remove. Just spray door handle with a little Windex and they slide right on.

Nanoseptic Door Push/Pull Handle Wrap

This medium size skin can be used on lots of different touch points, but it’s perfect for the square push plates and square pull handles on many glass doors.

Nanoseptic ADA Auto Door Button Skin

Same peel-and-stick material as our door handle skins. Fits standard square and circular ADA door push buttons.

Nanoseptic Desk Mat

This mat is perfect for education or daycare settings. No more using laminated sheets to rest snacks or supplies on. This self-cleaning mat is durable and should last an entire school year. Mat can be imprinted with your logo. Mat is in a tamper-evident reusable pouch.

Nanoseptic Large Dcskmat/Placemat

This large self-cleaning mat is perfect for desks, cafeterias, and board rooms. Mat can be imprinted with your logo.

Nanoseptic Cover Mat

This ultra durable mat is perfect for counters, desks, reception areas and even physician exam rooms. The built-in magnetic pocket allows you the flexibility to customize content by changing out inserts tailored to fit your specific need. Insert a calendar, educational material, or a timely promotion. Features a clear frost front with rubber back

Nanoseptic Cell Phone Defense Covers

Great for any phone, tablet or electronic device, these NanoSeptic self-cleaning feet stay clean and keep devices off of dirty surfaces. They are easy to apply – simply peel and stick to the four corners of your device.

Nanoseptic Tissue Box Cover

This continuously self-cleaning NanoSeptic cover protects your tissue box. Features a water-resistant surface that can be wiped down. Ships flat, assembles with simple tab locks. Does not include tissue box or tissues.

Nanoseptic Full Sample Kit

Want to have samples of our products all in one convenient package? Our full sample kit is perfect.

Nanoseptic Facility Starter Kit

The perfect introduction to NanoSeptic surfaces and a great starter kit for small businesses or a sales tool for Janitorial and Facility management.

Kit includes:
• (1) Mouse Pad
• (2) 4” x 6” Handle Wraps
• (2) 4” x 9” Push Bars
• (2) 6” x 9” Push Pads
• (2) 3.6” x 12” Push Bars
• (1) Tissue Box Cover
• General Brochure
• Product Brochure
• Full-Color Rigid Mailing Envelope

Nanoseptic Facilty Touch Point Sample Kit

This kit has samples of 3 different sizes of self-cleaning touch point skins for facilities.
Kit includes:
• (1) 4” x 6” Handle Wrap
• (1) 4” x 9” Push Bar
• (1) 6” x 9” Push Pad
• General Brochure