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Introducing Our Corporate Customer Work from Home Discount Program

US Coffee is offering our customers exclusive discounts on at-home essentials at as part of our new Corporate Customer Discount Program – a great way to show appreciation and boost morale while your employees continue to work from home. To make your employees a little more comfortable while they work from home, we’ve created two at-home solutions that you can offer your team:

1.Corporate Customer 10% Off Discount: If you’re an existing corporate US Coffee account, we’ll offer you and your employees a unique 10% off discount code, valid towards any purchases at our “at home” website, Just fill out the form to sign up and one of our representatives will get back to you with a shareable discount code for your team.

2.Customizable Snack, Coffee & PPE “Care” Boxes: We’re also offering customizable “care” boxes with items of your choosing, including snacks, coffee & useful PPE items such as sanitizers, face masks and more. We’ll work with you to build your boxes and send them directly boxes to your employees across the nation on your behalf. We’ve sent 3,000+ custom boxes to employees across the US to date, on behalf of their generous employers.

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