Brew the perfect pot of coffee with Keurig convenience and speed.

Introducing the Keurig Bolt, a commercial-grade carafe brewing system that’s built to brew an entire 64oz pot of coffee in 2 minutes or less. It comes with a Bolt Thermal Carafe, designed to maintain ideal coffee temperature for up to 2 hours. Best of all, the Bolt boasts the consistency, convenience and speed that Keurig is known for.

Keurig BOLT Z6000

The Keurig Bolt Carafe Brewing System (Z6000) delivers a 64 oz. pot of coffee in about two minutes and features high quality, consumer recognized coffee brands. Now everybody can share the coffee they love out of a Keurig Carafe. The Keurig Bolt system will transform the way you think about brewing a pot of coffee, whether it be in a workplace, hotel, or cafeteria setting.

Key Features

  • Faster brewing speed than any other leading pot
  • Consistent quality and taste with pre-measured Bolt pods
  • Greater convenience & better operating efficiency
  • One custom thermal carafe included
  • LCD touchscreen with step-by-step instructions
  • NSF certified

We regret to inform you that the Keurig BOLT Brewer has been discontinued by its manufacturer. If your office is interested in a single-cup brewer, we suggest the Keurig B3000SE – Keurig’s largest and most popular commercial brewer to date. If you’re in the market for something more traditional, be sure to check out our thermal brewing systems.


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