Think Coffee

Make a Difference with Every Cup of Think Coffee

US Coffee is proud to announce our partnership with local New York artisan coffee roaster Think Coffee. Think Coffee is an independent, hands-on New York City coffee company that, since their founding in 2006, has been an industry leader in minimizing environmental impact and sourcing coffee as responsibly as possible. We are equally dedicated to helping our coffee partners achieve their highest potential by offering a full range of delicious coffee, support services, and around the clock care.




Every coffee sold funds a project and makes a social impact

Menstrual Activism Project

Kellensoo, Ethiopia

Housing Reconstruction Project

Aponte, Colombia

Clean Water Access Project

Santa Isabel, Nicaragua

Worker Housing Project

Santa Teresa, Nicaragua

A Unique Blend to Satisfy Every Taste in Your Office

Devoe Blend

Components: Ethiopia, Nicargua, Colombia

Tasting Notes: Berry, Chocolate, Toasted Almonds

Roast Profile: Medium-Dark

Kellensoo, Ethiopia

Varietal: Guji Grade 1

Tasting Notes: Rich Blueberry, Tea Rose

Roast Profile: Medium

Lorimer Blend

Components: Ethiopia, Nicargua

Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Berry Compote, Cane Sugar

Roast Profile: Dark

Union Blend

Components: Ethiopia, Nicargua, Colombia

Tasting Notes: Juicy Plum, Pine Nuts, Currants

Roast Profile: Medium

Ainslie Blend

Components: Ethiopia, Colombia

Tasting Notes: Goji Sorbet, Elderflower, Meyer Lemon

Roast Profile: Light

Santa Isabel, Nicaragua

Varietal: Caturra

Tasting Notes: Sharp Hibiscus, Smokey Margarita, Tamarind

Roast Profile: Medium


Origin: Varies

Tasting Notes: Clove, Honey, Smokey Chocolate

Process: Mountain Water/Swiss Water Process

3L Boxed Cold Brew

Servings: 16 servings per box

Perfect for fridge, pantry, office countertop

Shelf stable until opened

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