Wandering Bear cold brew: ready-to-drink cold brew coffee on tap for your office.

US Coffee is proud to announce our partnership with Wandering Bear coffee roasters as part of our cold brew coffee office delivery program. Wandering Bear’s signature cold brew is made with freshly roasted coffee and cold, filtered New York City water. They use a fair trade, organic Arabica bean sourced from a cooperative in Peru. The beans are roasted to order before each order to ensure maximum freshness. The real secret to Wandering Bear’s cold brew is time. Their coffee steeps in cool water for 18 hours, making the brew strong and bold for a real kick. It’s uniquely smooth with a bright finish and subtle chocolate notes.


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A unique Cold Brew solution for every type of office.

11oz Single-Serve Boxes

96oz Fridge Tap

128oz Counter Dispenser

5 Gallon Kegerator

Discover the benefits of Cold Brew Office Coffee.

Fair Trade

Wandering bear’s signature cold brew is made with fair trade, organic Arabica beans sourced directly from a cooperative in Peru.


Wandering Bear’s cold brew tap boxes are a 100% recyclable, sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative.

Clean Label

Wandering Bear’s cold brew is made with cold, filtered NYC water and their coffee is 100% organic with no sugar added.

Cost Savings

By offering cold brew coffee in your office, you’ll reduce all those out-of-office iced coffee runs on hot summer days.




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